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Martin Handcraft Dansant circa 1932 33

Sold ! This brass is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-12-13)
Price : US $60.00

Martin Handcraft Dansant circa 1932 33 Martin Handcraft Dansant circa 1932 33 Martin Handcraft Dansant circa 1932 33 Martin Handcraft Dansant circa 1932 33

Martin Handcraft Dansant trumpet, serial number is 107784, which places date of manufacture at approximately 1932-1933. This is a medium bore (M is stamped on the valve casing).
This is the only early-1930s Martin Handcraft Dansant that I have seen like this, with the faint, but elaborate banner deco scroll work like you see in the contemporary Martin Handcraft Imperials. In fact, I used to have a Martin Handcraft Imperial that was a few serial numbers later than this, and this Dansant shared many characteristics with it. One noticeable exception was that the Imperial had a tuning slide locking mechanism and the Dansant didn't. The similarities made me wonder if this later Dansant was a prototype for the Handcraft Imperial.
I believe that it was originally lacquered brass, and one of the previous owners stripped it down to raw brass. As I mentioned earlier, the bell engraving is faint. There is evidence of dent removal work in the bell throat, level with the end of the main tuning slide. There are also some other small dings near the bell crook. Evidence of a solder repair at the finger hook. The valves have some plating wear, and most noticeably, the second valve is leaky. I don't know if there is a leak in the second valve tuning slide (it is dented and missing a pull knob) that might be causing that. All tuning slides do pull.
If you are buying this to play it, you might want to seriously consider investing money into a valve rebuild, especially the second valve.
There is no case or mouthpiece

Sold ! This brass is sold (sold on 2009-12-13)

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