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Classic Conn 6B Victor Late Model

Sold ! This brass is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-12-06)
Price : US $485.00

Classic Conn 6B Victor Late Model Classic Conn 6B Victor Late Model Classic Conn 6B Victor Late Model Classic Conn 6B Victor Late Model Classic Conn 6B Victor Late Model

 Here is a nice Conn 6B Victor with the wide Connstellation wrap.   The serial number is E79525This horn, in essence, is a Connstellation 38B without the Nickel plating on the bell leadpipe, tuning slide and 3rd valve slide.   The bore, wide wrap and huge bell all posses the same dimensions as the 38B.
The combination of the coprion leadpipe, nickel body and lacquer bell and tuning slide make for a very cool looking horn.   This horn is 100% original with no signs of any repairs and it retains well over 90% of its original plating.  There are only minor scratches and scuffs here and there.   I think that it plays even better than it looks.
This is a killer lead horn.  A buddy of mine in one of the top military bands in DC has been playing lead on this exact model for several years now and the horn just sounds great in the context of the big band.  It's not just a bright screaming horn though.  The big bell and wide wrap offer a nice sound for a jazz player with a little deeper mouthpiece in the horn.   This model is incredibly versatile.
Here's some more info from the Conn Loyalist Website:
Notice the ''wide'' wrap.
''Late'' models built from 1958 on had an adjustable finger ring and a coprion leadpipe
(but not a coprion bell). The ''late'' mode, 6B had top spring valves.
The ''B'' stamped on the mouthpiece receiver indicates this is a trumpet, not a cornet. The lacquered brass valve caps tell me
the serial number of this

Sold ! This brass is sold (sold on 2009-12-06)

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