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Schilke 6a4a trumpet mouthpiece

Sold ! This brass is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-03-12)
Price : US $37.50

Schilke 6a4a trumpet mouthpiece Schilke 6a4a trumpet mouthpiece

Here we have a Schilke 6a4a trumpet mouthpiece in like new condition with the specifications of an inner rim width it 15.99 MM or .63 inches, the cup is a shallow “a” cub with a cushion #4 rim for EXTREME high register work.  This is from the Schilke website.  It is an extremely well made mouthpiece just a little small for what the music I now play.  I tried it one time for playing piccolo trumpet while I was in college and it was a little small for my lip size but it may be perfect for you and it has no scrapes or dings anywhere on the mouthpiece and only the slightest insert marks.  It is basically new, I only played it once.  It would make an extremely excellent piccolo or lead jazz mouthpiece if like screaming the high notes and it does that very well.  It is a very comfortable shallow mouthpiece with a tight throat and backbore for a bright sizzling tone.  I still have the box that came with it.

If you have ever heard a recording of the legendary trumpet player, Bill Chase, this mouthpiece was designed for him.

I will chemically clean the mouthpiece and wrap the whole thing in tissue to prevent it moving in the box it came and then wrap it in ample bubble wrap and ship it in a heavy duty protective envelope.  I have found that this method works really well.  You could run it over with a car and it would not hurt it. Shipping is $6.00 because of shipping materials and the shipping cost itself.

I accept PayPal and money orders as long as I receive it before I ship the

Sold ! This brass is sold (sold on 2009-03-12)

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