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Schilke X3 Trumpet Beryllium Bronze Bell 1972

Sold ! This brass is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-02-07)
Price : US $1,150.

Schilke X3 Trumpet Beryllium Bronze Bell 1972 Schilke X3 Trumpet Beryllium Bronze Bell 1972

Serial # 625# which puts this horn right around 1972. It has a beryllium bronze bell that was orig. to the horn. All slides pull and have good ''pop.'' Or if you prefer: the valves stems do not wiggle back and fourth. In other words, the valves are tight. I had Roy Lawler work on the horn and he put a Schilke 3rd valve spit key on it and a slide stop on the 1st valve. It has had some dent removal in the past. Not in the back bow area where alot of horns get crunched and you can never get the dents out quite right especially with beryllium bronze. The leadpipe was moved and has a bit of solder on it. There is some minor pitting on the leadpipe and bell where there are contact points but no red rot. Schilkes are not known for that. Everything on the horn is original. I had the silver taken off of it and I think it made the horn sound even better. This is a really great playing trumpet and I hate to see it go. I just have a bunch of horns and this one has not been ''gigged'' on in about 10 years. I played and recorded on this horn with the Sam Rivers orchestra back when I was more of a jazz soloist. Now I am playing full time lead and that is why this horn doesn't bet played much. If you use a small mouthpiece on it you can make it work for lead or if you are playing short jobs. The horn sounds incredibly dark which is rare for Beryllium horns. It lights up like a firecracker when you push it in the upper register. It has a wide radius to the sound unlike Benges and the B1 Schilke I am using now. If you are looking for a vintage Schilke that Renold may have built himself, than this is the one for you. Also, the factory

Sold ! This brass is sold (sold on 2009-02-07)

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