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Callet York Trumpet SLB

Sold ! This brass is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-10-12)
Price : US $720.00

Callet  York Trumpet   SLB Callet  York Trumpet   SLB Callet  York Trumpet   SLB Callet  York Trumpet   SLB Callet  York Trumpet   SLB Callet  York Trumpet   SLB Callet  York Trumpet   SLB Callet  York Trumpet   SLB

This is a rare Jerome Callet Super Large Bore (SLB) New York trumpet with
expandable bore and reversed leadpipe in good to xlnt. condition. The serial number is F2143 making it one of the earlier horns made by Callet (1983 to 1984). The
bore starts at .353 at the mouthpiece receiver going to .450 at the
main tuning slide and continues to expand to .460 at the tapered tuning
crook.  It finishes expanding at .472 going into the 3rd piston. There are no dents or major blemishes. The valves work beautiful but do show the usual wear on the surface.
I bought this horn on e-bay almost 3 years ago and have used it extensively in 3 big bands. However, I'm now approaching 60 and find the horn to be almost too much for me. It plays beautifully and slots well in the upper register. I'll never forget when one of the trombone players sitting in front of me turned around after I had just purchased it and said  ''WOW - you have never played better or sounded stronger''. I knew then I had the right horn.
The following material is from the website. It is describing a JAZZ model which is the later version of the New York model.
This Callet JAZZ responds like a small bore trumpet while increasing
volume and projection.  A more open bell throat increases warmth and
richness with a lightening quick response.Jerome Callet introduces the Jazz trumpet, utilizing a principle he refers to as expandabore. Thus, Jerome has created a true conical bore which makes the Jazz
trumpet play and respond like a small bore

Sold ! This brass is sold (sold on 2008-10-12)

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