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Harry B Jay Columbia Model

Sold ! This brass is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-14)
Price : US $212.62

Harry B Jay Columbia Model Harry B Jay Columbia Model Harry B Jay Columbia Model

This is a Harry B Jay Columbia trumpet.  The Jays are known well mostly because Louis Armstrong played one when he was with Kid Oliver’s band.  The model he played was called a Trumpet-Cornet that had interchangeable trumpet and cornet mouthpipes.  This, however, is the straight-up trumpet version.  It has a fixed mouthpipe.  An old Harry B Jay catalog describes it as having “the first essential of a true trumpet—right proportion.”  For modern use, it is better than the Trumpet-Cornet, but it may not be as collectible.  The Harry B Jay Company was located at 542 W. Jackson Blvd. in Chicago.  This address is shown on the sash in the upper part of the case.

The Jays have several features of note.  There is no forward bell brace.  The Jays introduced a telescopic tuning slide, somewhat like those on the Vindobona Bach trumpets which came along much later.  All of the Jays came with a simple quick-change-to-A mechanism, and they came with slides for both low and high pitch, including a separate tuning slide when this one was made.

This trumpet’s serial number is 2339 .  I recently saw a sale invoice for a Jay with a serial number in the high 3000s.  The invoice was dated in 1916.  This trumpet pre-dates that one.  It does not play like a trumpet from the early 1900s, however.  It has playing features that make it desirable today.

The actual bore size on this trumpet is approximately 0.469

Sold ! This brass is sold (sold on 2008-08-14)

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